Hot Spring
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Yunomi no yu

Itoi no yu

Hot spring at Sikotsu Lake
A lakeside hotel established in 1915. Large public bath has a panoramic view window which shows all of Sikotsu Lake. An open-air bath (Rotenburo) is facing the lake where one can enjoy the seasonal views. T natural open-air bath is connected to the lake and the water will increase when water level of the lake goes up.
The hot spring water is colorless and transparent like the lake water and one can see the gravel at the bottom of hot spring very clearly.
Spring Quality: Sodium, Calcium Chloride, Hydrogen carbonate chloride, Sulfate (Old spring quality: Gypsum, Salt spring, Hypotonic neutral hot spring)all the chemical compounds should be capitalized

Noboribestu Hot spring
Noboribetsu Hot Spring - a mere 30 minute drive away from the Pacific View Villas is one the famous hot springs in Japan.  "Jigokudani: (Hell Canyon), the largest hot spring supply source produces 10.000 tons per day naturally and hot water is supplied to the Japanese style hotels in the are. The various types of hot spring water which is fairly rare even in the world due to many scientific research is the big attraction of Noboribetsu.