The Pacific View Villas Concierge

Tarumae Mountain
Tarumae Mountain has a lava dome which is designated as a natural monument by Hokkaido and the mountain is known as a triple formula active volcano which is fairly rare worldwide. Car road reaches to 7th level, so it takes only 50 minutes climb to the top.,4139,140,140,html

Tarumae Galow
Tarumae Galow in the forest in front of the Tarumae Mountain is designated as Nature Conservation Area by city and dark green moss on the rocks of unique landscape looks like velvet carpet.,4139,140,140,html

Arten Auto Resort Tomakomai
Arten Auto Resort Tomakomai is just a 10 minutes drive away from Pacific View Villas. You can enjoy canoing, horse back riding, tennis, park golf, cycling and refreshing natural hot springs.

Touyako (Touya Lake)
Touyako where the Summit was held locates 1.5 hours drive away to the west of Pacific View Villas. There is Michelin Star restaurant in gorgeous Windsor hotel.
Touyako long-run fireworks festival is held every night in autumn and water fireworks which reflect onto the lake is fantastic.

Ikor means treasure in Aynu itak (language of Ainu). Ikor-no-mori is just 30 minutes drive away Pacific View Villas. You can enjoy 11 theme gardens with various plants base of Northern Province.

Shikotsu Lake
There are several campsites in addition to hot springs. One can also enjoy cruise ships, speed boats, pedal boats.

Furano Lavender

Asahiyama Zoo, Asahikawa
Asahiyama Zoo is located in the northern most part of Japan. While in normal zoos animals are seen behind cages, at this zoo one can experience their natural behavior. There are water tunnels in the penguin's pool. Lions and tigers live close to their natural habitat. The animals are free to roam around, swing and fly in close proximity. The penguins are taken for a walk though the park so as not to lack exercise (as long as there is snow), and this has become a very famous winter event.
It has become a very famous tourist spot for many visitors from Japan and abroad.

Sapporo Maruyama Zoo

Otaru Unga Kogeikan